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Canadian mortgage rates have bounced up from their record lows of this summer in anticipation of an improving economy prompting central banks to do the same.


The father and coach of Canadian pole vault world champion Shawn Barber has been banned by the national governing body for track and field after it learned of George Barber's 2007 criminal conviction on charges of having sex with a student while he was employed at a U.S. high school.

Rowan Stringer, teen who died after rugby hit

Ontario is set to introduce the first concussion legislation in Canada for young athletes in the wake of a teenage rugby player's death.


Not-for-profit that provides a range of health and home care services will continue to operate in Ontario and Nova Scotia.

Captain America: Civil War

The voracious appetite for superhero movies continues unabated, with the trailer for the forthcoming Captain America: Civil War racking up more than three million views overnight and soaring on social media after debuting on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night.

Matthew Schrier

Former hostage Matthew Schrier worries about a Canadian in his early 20s who converted to Islam in his late teens, a man he has never met.

Justice Robin Camp

Robin Camp, a Federal Court judge under fire for asking a 19-year-old woman, "Why couldn't you just keep your knees together?" during a Calgary sexual assault trial in 2014 will not be hearing any cases "until further notice," according to the court.

Samer Al Bawab Syrian refugee

Samer al-Bawab, his wife and two young children have been told they will be leaving their makeshift quarters in Lebanon for Canada soon, Susan Ormiston reports. After almost three years as a refugee, the move can't come soon enough.


Manitoba has the highest homicide rate among the provinces, for the eighth consecutive year, according to a new report from Statistics Canada.


Canada's post-secondary institutions are not producing enough graduates with the right skills to drive future economic growth, warns the head of one of the country's largest banks.

Britain Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was at Buckingham Palace this morning for a meeting with Queen Elizabeth in the first stop of a one-week international trip. Later today, he'll meet U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron at 10 Downing Street.

russia turkey fighter jet

By shooting down a Russian fighter jet that flew only briefly through its airspace, Turkey is sending a message to Vladimir Putin over Syria, strategists say. The two countries are not enemies, but they are on opposite sides in the fight to unseat Syria's Assad.

Albert Einstein

What would science fiction be without wormholes and warp speed? As Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity turns 100, here are five ways it has made the universe – in reality and in science fiction – a more interesting place.

Mideast Syrian Refugees Rethinking Aid

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has acknowledged that his government won’t keep his promise to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees in Canada before the end of the year. But as Chris Hall writes, that may be a smart political manoeuvre.

Konstantin Murakhtin

A Russian airman who survived the downing of his warplane says Turkish jets did not issue any warnings, but Turkey countered with the release of what it said was an audio recording of a warning instructing the Russian aircraft to change course.

CBC | British Columbia News

Syrian children in refugee camp in Lebanon

The arrival of almost 3,000 refugees in B.C. may push the federal government to implement a much-needed national housing strategy, says an urban planning expert.

Bright Nights Christmas Train

The Bright Nights Christmas Train will be running full steam ahead, despite a setback of thieves who stole about $7,000 worth of materials.

Cunningham and Russell

On The Coast host Stephen Quinn asked one of the women, 'To university administrators, is the university’s reputation more important than the safety of women on campus?"

MV North Star

MV North Star lost power to both engines Monday while sailing from Ancorage, Alaska to Tacoma, Washington.

VPD Star Wars theme

Vancouver Police's annual safety message for Christmas shoppers is back in force with a Star Wars-themed video this year.

skytrain tuesday

Metro Vancouver's SkyTrain system is back up and running this morning after an electrical failure shut down the Expo and Millennium lines during yesterday afternoon's rush hour.


A boom in Fort St. John is fuelling growth in school enrolment across the city, bucking a province-wide trend.

Homeless campers in Victoria

A patch of lawn at Victoria's courthouse is proving popular with homeless campers, much to the frustration of some of the people who live in the neighbourhood.

Nov 25 forecast vancouver

If you are enjoying the cold, clear days, there's lots more ahead.


Robocalls from illegal telemarketing operations are more than just annoying, they're often scams that bilk Canadians out of tens of millions of dollars every year. Consumer advocates say phone companies could use "spam filters for the phone" to prevent these calls from getting through.

Marco Kozlowski

Some investors who paid tens of thousands of dollars for Marco Kozlowski’s real estate mentoring program say he failed to deliver on a promise to finance 100% of their investments in U.S. property.

HMCS Protecteur

Yet another Canadian shipyard has written to the government asking for a competition in a now controversial plan to have a civilian cargo ship converted to a supply ship and chartered to the navy.

Shopkins packages

Shopkins are among the most popular types of toys flying off store shelves in Canada these days. The first question that many parents have is what exactly Shopkins are.

Dr. Christopher Zed

A B.C. Supreme Court lawsuit accuses former University of British Columbia associate dean Christopher Zed of siphoning millions intended for dental clinics set up to serve First Nations patients on Haida Gwaii.

Saskatchewan bears

Alberta has banned wildlife refuges from rehabilitating orphaned bear cubs, citing fears the cubs have lost their fear of humans. Should B.C. consider such a ban?

CBC | Sports News

Marc Bergevin

The Montreal Canadiens have signed general manager and executive vice president Marc Bergevin to a multi-year contract extension through the end of the 2021-22 season.


The father and coach of Canadian pole vault world champion Shawn Barber has been banned by the national governing body for track and field after it learned of George Barber's 2007 criminal conviction on charges of having sex with a student while he was employed at a U.S. high school.


Benoit Huot and Aurelie Rivard were named the para-swimmers of the year by Swimming Canada in the first of a series of announcements called the Big Splash Awards that recognize the best performances by Canadian para-swimmers.

Chris Jones

It's a question asked every year at the Grey Cup head coaches news conference but even the veteran reporter who asked it, Edmonton Sun's Terry Jones, had trouble putting the words together.

Zach Collaros

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats could still be without starting quarterback Zach Collaros when next season begins.

Grey Cup coaches

It's a delicate balance that coaches must find on the eve of a championship match — keeping their players' minds focused while letting them enjoy some glory before the big game.


Trampoline gymnast Rosie MacLennan approaches the world championships this weekend - an Olympic qualifier - with a more difficult task of qualifying as she is recovering from concussion symptoms.

Sebastian Coe

An anti-doping roadmap that Russia will have to follow to be allowed back into international competition will be discussed Thursday by track and field's governing body. The meeting in Monaco of the IAAF council could also throw up difficult questions for its president, Sebastian Coe.

Norm Kelly Hotline Bling

Toronto city councillor and now notorious Twitter star Norm Kelly performed his take on Drake's Hotline Bling this morning, and the video is hilarious.

Ye Eun Park UPEI women's hockey

The UPEI women's hockey team has an Olympic hopeful on the squad for the second time: Ye Eun Park, a member of the South Korean women's national team, is getting valuable ice time in the lead-up to 2018.

Broncos Rams Football

Suspended St. Louis Rams wide receiver Stedman Bailey is in critical but stable condition after being shot Tuesday night, a person familiar with the situation told The Associated Press.


Watch live at 4 p.m. ET for action from the 2015 IWF world weightlifting championships in Houston, Texas.

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